High-quality communication between a brand and people is not only cool advertising videos or a bright website. It is a marketing tool that should perform specific business tasks.
That is why it turns out to be a much deeper process than it seems at first glance.

For creativity to be the most effective, we analyze the brand and product to the smallest detail and get to know the real life of the target audience, beyond tabular statistical data.
Only after that do we create hypotheses, which, as a rule, turn out to be the most accurate.
Before starting
One of the most interesting stages, which, moreover, does not oblige you to anything.

Through zoom or over a cup of coffee, we learn about each other not through the prism of organizations, but as people — because we work primarily with people. During the meeting, we make first impressions, joke, and discuss introductory information about potential tasks.

Also, if necessary, we can help translate business requests "into the language of advertising" to better formulate them.
Based on the introductory information, we create an individual questionnaire where you will have to answer the nuances of your business niche, past experience, and other information.

We need this for a better understanding of what we can offer you to achieve the best results.
After filling out the brief, we carefully read it, analyze it, carry out preparatory work and meet with you to clarify all questions that might have remained unclear.

As a result of the meeting, we receive a document that describes the specifics of the business, niche, and clear tasks to be achieved.
After discussing the brief, we go away for a while and start creating: we get to know the people we plan to make fall in love with the brand, we define the enemy we will fight through communications and, most importantly, we start coming up with concepts and creative ideas.

After that, the culmination of the entire first stage takes place - the presentation of our ideas and plans, where we show how we will achieve our goals and decide whether we will go further together.
For a start, we need to get to know the people for whom all this will be done.

Not only to collect abstract characteristics in the "Target audience" table but to find the ones who stand behind the dry indicators — and ask about their lives personally, during a casual conversation, like old friends.
Unfortunately, falling in love with a brand is not enough for cool results.

We will dive deeply into the peculiarities and nuances of your business, look at competitors and try to understand how they can be defeated in the market.
We must understand, no worse than you, exactly what we are promoting.

To do this, we will break down the product to its molecules, highlight its strengths and weaknesses, how it makes the world a better place, and, as a bonus, find opportunities to improve it.
When creating any strategy, it is necessary to clearly understand: "Where we should be as a result", and if this is not possible — at least clearly understand the direction of movement.

At this stage, we determine for what purpose it will all be done and what we want to see in the end, taking into account all our possibilities and the nuances of the surrounding world.
When the vector is chosen, for achieving the best result it is important to synchronize and make sure that all participants in the process are "on the same wave".

Also, some small adjustments take place, because from the inside you start seeing things a bit in a different way.

As a result, a unique brand voice appears, which will be the voice of all future messages.
When everyone has understood and agreed on the goals, we prepare a detailed road map for achieving these goals.

Inside, we describe the strategy itself, write specific stages, deadlines, costs, and everything else that awaits us.

Thus, the goal turns into a concrete plan, which remains only to be carried out step by step.
When all the analytical work has been completed, the goals have been dealt with and the question "Where to?" and "Why?" has been answered, we need to answer the question "How?".

Creative ideas come to our aid here. We get together and start creating.
Creative session
In the process of creative brainstorming, we prepare ideas on how we will capture the segment (and/or achieve any other strategic goal).

We paint the best one in detail, design, and present the concepts.

In the process, together with you, we make the final touches or if the idea completely misses the point we can redo it (as a part of a creative work such thing sometimes might happen)
Big day!

As a result, we comprehensively present the entire strategy and creative way of achieving it: step by step, on pre-prepared references, it will become visible how the idea "lives" in reality, not only on the presentation slides.
And even after the final presentation, creative work does not end for a second.

The same way it happens before going to bed, perfect answers to a situation from 5 years ago appear just as some details after the presentation often show up and perfectly complement the overall picture.
Pow pow and into production!
Bring to live
Here we move from research, ideas, and hypotheses to practice. And we also make instructions on how to use it, in case you need it.
Media plan
After all the materials have been created, they need to be properly shown to the right people.

It is where our strategists come into play again, detailing the creativities implementation plan to achieve the best results.
Another great day!

Everything is checked once again, agreed upon, and, finally, "goes into the world"! All previous work was done precisely for this moment.
However, the work isn't over at launch — after that, we're constantly analyzing campaign performance and making adjustments as needed.

And when the campaign is over, we'll make a report summarizing and drawing conclusions to evaluate the results and, of course, to make the following marketing activities even better, because there is no limit to perfection.
Just as no two businesses are alike, so every approach is different.

Everything is done individually for each case, so contact us - we will tell you and show you how everything will be, in order to achieve your specific goals!